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What is the scope of application of waist support

Lumbar support is suitable for warm physiotherapy of lumbar disc herniation, postpartum protection, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar spondylosis, stomach cold, dysmenorrhea, lower abdomen bulging, and chills.


people suitble:

1. Sedentary and standing people. Such as drivers, desk workers, salespersons and so on.

2. People with a debilitating constitution who need to keep warm and orthopedic at the waist. Postpartum women, underwater workers, frozen environment practitioners, etc.

3. People suffering from lumbar disc herniation, sciatica, and lumbar osteogenesis.

4. Obese people. Obese people can use the waist support to help the waist save effort, but also beneficial to control food intake.

5. People who think they need waist support.



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