High Quality Elastic Comfortable Sports Finger sleeve Brace z046

Material:Polyester, rubber band
Introduction:z046 Basketball finger guard, two colors, one size design, suitable for basketball, volleyball, mountaineering and other sports.

1. Product minimum order quantity: The minimum order quantity for each product is 500. If the customer demand quantity is lower than the minimum order quantity, the unit price will be slightly increased. Please communicate with the salesperson for details.


2. Product quotation: Customers of our products can first check the reference price and detailed information on the website, and then contact the salesperson for quotation according to their needs. If it is the customer's own style, it is best to provide a physical model so that we can calculate the accurate price. Only the approximate price can be estimated by looking at the picture. The final price is subject to the sample price confirmed by the written contract signed by our factory, and the price is more favorable if the order quantity is large. The general quotation does not include tax.

 3. Product proofing: All protective gear styles can be printed according to the actual samples or pictures provided by the customer, and the fabric material can be selected according to the customer's requirements to control the unit price of the product. Generally, fabrics of regular colors are available from stock, and special colors need bulk goods Made to order. Proofing time: 3-7 days or so. Proofing fee: 100-300 yuan will be charged according to the complexity of the product, which will be refunded after the order is placed. The LOGO production board fee needs to be calculated separately: the heat transfer LOGO version fee is 500 yuan, the rubber LOGO version fee is 200 yuan, and the woven logo LOGO version fee is 200 yuan.


4. Order contract: Both parties confirm the style, quantity, unit price, color, material, LOGO production process and delivery time of the ordered product, and then sign the order contract. All matters are subject to the contract stipulations.


5. Production time: Generally, the production time for stock fabrics is about 15 days. If the goods are very urgent, you can give priority to production according to the order situation of the workshop, and try to deliver in advance. It takes about 15-30 days to order special materials and colors.


6. Packing method: A single product is packed in OPP bags (transparent plastic bags), 100-200 pcs/carton, and high-quality and high-quality durable cartons are used to prevent product damage during transportation.


7. Mode of transportation: We can do the consignment on behalf of us, and the freight is according to the contract. My factory can send a car to the door. Out-of-town customers can choose: a. Car transportation (there is a long-term cooperation dedicated line direct logistics company, also can use logistics companies such as Xinbang, Debang, etc., can specify home delivery or collect payment). b. Air transportation (suitable for customers who are in a particularly urgent time, because the time is fast and the price is more expensive).


8. Payment method: A 30% deposit is required when placing an order. The goods can be inspected at our factory before delivery, and the delivery will be arranged after 70% of the balance has been paid. You can also choose to handle payment collection services from logistics companies such as Debon, and go to the local logistics company to inspect the goods and then pay for the delivery.

Myris-manufacturer of medical and sports protective gear. We have a production base of more than 2,000 square meters, and can customize proofing for you to ensure the quality of finger care products.




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